SPINOR Activator

12000  р.

Прибор Спинор-Активатор является источником низкоинтенсивного электромагнитного излучения крайневысокой частоты (КВЧ) и предназначен для усиления свойств физиологически активных веществ. Применяется в сельском хозяйстве (в том числе на приусадебных участках), дезинфектологии и в быту.



Spinor activator Action is based on harmless to humans technology – the use of low-intensity electromagnetic radiation of extremely high frequency (EHF) range to improve the effectiveness of aqueous solutions of biologically active compounds: fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, growth stimulants (eg, indoliluksusnoy acid) and mycelium fungi (phytohormones) for the subsequent exposure of the activated solution to biological objects (mold, fungi, pests, etc.).

The uniqueness of the proposed technology is the possibility of increasing the activity of aqueous solutions of chemicals without increasing their concentration.

The aqueous medium is chosen as a carrier for the production of biologically active liquid due to the fact that electromagnetic waves of the EHF range are most strongly absorbed in water. At the same time, water and aqueous solutions exposed to the waves of the EHF range exhibit a distinct ability to maintain the acquired properties for some time.

Experimentally discovered that water solutions of mineral substances and organic compounds at a concentration of subjected to irradiation with short-wave radiation, increase bioactive properties, exceeding the effects of direct impact of the solutions of normal concentration.
In particular, the device can reduce the concentration of pesticides 2-4 times with a simultaneous increase in activity by 115-400%.

The main advantages of the activator spinor:

  • significant reduction in the risk of poisoning and immunopathological reactions when using biocides
  • absolute safety
  • ease of use
  • cheapness
  • the possibility of use in the home
  • reducing the consumption of expensive biologically active drugs
  • significant reduction of environmental impact on the environment


1.Protection of the house (apartment) from mold and carcinogens, and You from allergies, secondary immunodeficiency and its consequences (premature aging, frequent infectious diseases, the development of cancer). In particular, the protection of building structures and polymer materials from biological damage.

2. Protection of the garden area from pests with minimal use of pesticides, protection of cultivated plants from phytopathogens. Increasing the shelf life of agricultural products.

3.Increasing the yield of cultivated plants:

  • saving money spent on the purchase of expensive quality plant growth stimulants;
  • the reduction of the ripening of agricultural produce;
  • creasing the yield of horticultural crops;
  • accelerating the growth and development of indoor plants, increasing the stability of exotic plants.

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